Find local info and where is Loreto Baja California Mexico and how to get there, one of the first settlements in the baja sur peninsula, many years ago was the perfect place due its location in the sea of cortez.

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Loreto Mexico International Airport
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Loreto Mexico Airport

International Loreto Airport Mexico Code LTO Arrive to Loreto Mexico Airport LTO in the Baja California Mexico Just flights away from your beloved vacations and you are there, in your small piece od paradise waiting for you. Located next to
Ensenada Blanca Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico

Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Overlooking the islands of Loreto, Villa del Palmar Islands of Loreto is a stylish complex offers outdoor pools, a spa and gym and direct access to the peaceful Ensenada Blanca Beach. The
Tripui Hotel Loreto Mexico

Hotel Tripui Loreto Baja California

Tripui Hotel Puerto Escondido Baja Welcome to Hotel Tripui Loreto Baja California Mexico near Puerto Escondido Where you can enjoy some of the most spectaculars views Of the sierra de la giganta and the sea of cortez, a private and
Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa at Baja
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Loreto Bay

Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa at Baja Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa It is located in the quiet part near Loreto Llamano nopolo, which is one of the areas with the highest tourist growth in this destination in
Loreto Grocery Stores

Loreto Grocery Stores

Go to Loreto Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to get all you need for your vacations or perhaps you are looking for a more extended stay  You need to take this in consideration.Due there are no big chain stores and the

Loreto BCS Mexico Travel Guide
Now this destination among others like los cabos, and la paz, has prevailed like a forgotten hidden gem. Now that tourism in the country has become more important than ever, this destination still growing and turning into a great vacation spot.

Where is Loreto Baja California Mexico and How to get there?

As a well planned and important tourist destination,  this destination counts with it’s own international airport, what flights coming and going depending of the season and demand, you will find where is connected by a road with the north and south of the peninsula with the major and capital city of la paz a few hours drive south.


Starting with a scenic magical road thru the mountain range, a real natural and beautiful wonder loved by travelers driving in their RV trucks travelers and bikers.

A major Marina in Puerto Escondido, a great and favorite spot specially on sunset time where you can enjoy a great and restful day, with the sierra de la giganta in the back.

Loreto Mexico

It counts with all the services for any kind of boats, part of the escalera nautica project.

Some medium cruise size lines tours the sea of cortez and make a stop in the waters in front of the malecon or boardwalk.


Loreto Baja California Hotels

Best Lodging for your Vacations

Great and nice options like nice and small hotels and resorts for any traveler desire, from small accommodations like petit inns and bed and breakfast in the downtown area just a few steps from the most popular areas.

Some vacation rentals, bungalows, cabanas, houses, condos and apartments if you still want to feel like staying at your friends beach property.

Rv and Camping spaces are available for that traveler looking for the great experience of staying closer to nature with no complications.


Things to do in Loreto Baja Mexico

Things to do and Attractions

To be next to the sea of ​​Cortés, and have a beautiful mountain range near this place, until you have many places to explore and see, both in the sea, as in its beaches, and the mountain, but also this area it is rich in culture and has several vestiges dating back centuries both in the city and in other nearby towns.

Making the attraction this destination a more complete adventure combining natural beauty with the history of the first settlers not only of Mexico if not the entire continent.

Part of the attractions that occur periodically year after year. Highlights the sighting of whales, as well as killer whales, manta rays, giant squid, various species of turtles and dolphins as well.

That is why being seafront and with its great diversity of aquatic animals that can be appreciated in the natural environment, snorkeling and diving are a very popular activity in destination.

Where is Loreto Mexico

The city in walking along its streets and enjoying the climate and the diverse landscapes that this town offers is part of the attraction, while hiking and exploring the Sierra de la giganta is another activity that invites you to appreciate both the flora local as the beautiful panoramic views offered by walking and climbing its stretches.


As soon as you get there, you should try the regional and traditional food, like the best way to know this region, its culture, people and traditions, but it won’t stop there, if you have desire for something different or less traditional.

You can find places to enjoy a great hamburger, pizza, japanese and sushi, mediterranean food and more.

Try some coffee in the downtown area or the boardwalk overlooking the Islands of the sea of cortez and their beautiful sunsets.

Walk by some of the locals bar to have a nice corona or tequila with a delicious snack on one side, try regional wine and delicacies.


What to see

The church is part of the nice places to visit, the boardwalk, the marina, la sierra de la giganta and the church of san francisco to start with.

And also their calm sea beaches and the Islands for some great sightseeing for wildlife.


What to do

Sportfishing, wave runners, atv, horseback riding, sightseeing tours, scuba and snorkeling tours.

Just to name a few activities that you can do while exploring the beauties that has surround this baja sur destination.



We all want to take something special from every great adventure, vacation or special time we have.

You will find a variety of local handicraft and souvenirs, traditional goods.

Special stores with everything you need to enjoy your stay, local a fresh food products, beverages and supplies.


Real Estate

The offer of properties for sale have increased steadily in recent years of the growth that this place has achieved, and that has positioned itself as one of ideal places for investment in real estate.

A large part of these properties are destined mainly to make second homes, or holiday homes to visit this destination occasionally, while others make their permanent residence after retiring from their work and their countries of origin or making this place their new home.

As well as the investment of their properties to later be rented as holiday properties to be offered to visitors and tourists as an option to the hotels.


Loreto Island

Local Travel guides

There are some spots around this Pueblo Magico to visit while in Baja, starting with the local beaches, the downtown area and the boardwalk.

Close to Lto is Nopolo, ensenada blanca, Ligui, Tripui, San Javier and many more.


Nopolo BCS MX

The town of nopolo is located in the municipality of this destination and is one of the tourist-developed places with the purpose of attracting tourism investment to this part of the country, creating from accommodation with high quality standards that was not in this place, then promoting real estate to form one of the most attractive and important expat and retired communities in the country.

Nopolo Loreto

They also created one of the main amenities of the destination, which also stands out for its beaches, sports fishing, and sightings of marine life. The development of one of the most attractive golf courses in the country.


Local Area of BCS MX Map