The natural marina port of Puerto Escondido Loreto or Hidden Port
Is a very nice place to dock your boat while sailing the baja.
That may serve for boats, yatchs and cruises that arrive
Just a few miles away from to this baja destination.

Marina Puerto Escondido Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico

Located 15 miles of Loreto, more than a marina, or port.
Is a place to enjoy a very calm day watching all the natural surroundings.
The Sea of Cortez, and the Sierra de la Giganta views.
It forms part of a project named Escalera Nautica or Nautical Stair
Which main purpose was to offer some points and marinas
In popular resort destinations with a great infraestructure for people
To travel and enjoy the baja california.
Here you can find all kind of services and amenities for you
Every time you stop by this Loreto destination.

Where is Marina Puerto Escondido Loreto B.C.S

Located north side of Loreto, you can easy have a direct connection
With the Loreto Airpory and La Paz with connection to major cities
In Mexico, US and Canada.
This is a very beautiful natural harbor, has a safe deep water marina
Protected from strong winds from the north, and have become
A safe Harbor for sailboats and powerboats for years.
Once you get to puerto escondido, you will realize the amazing
Natural beauty of the place, and as you may compare
It won’t look like the traditional baja beach destination.
Just a place to relax in the calm sea side of the baja mexico.
This singular place is denominated as the mexico’s largest natural marina.

Puerto Escondido Marina Baja California Amenities

Every time you arrive to this destination, there will be a
friendly concierge hand
To help you make your stop more joyful, arranging for you
Several local activities on season, like whalewatching, hiking and exploring, fishing and fine dinning
As many other popular in the area.

Right in the spot, you will find a small Hotel, RV Park,
Restaurants, Mini Mart, laundry, phone and internet connection.

Marina Port Escondido BCS

Besides being a safe place with natural protection against
Tropical storms and hurricanes on season to keep your boat safe
It is a nice spot where many visitors, tourist, travelers
And locals, love to spend a nice afternoon enjoying of the view.
While having pizza and wine or beer and burguers.
Its cal waters, makes it perfect place for learning to windsurf and kayak.

If you need some boat repairs, there is a boat yard, here you can
Do any boat service or repair, doesn’t matter rhe kind
Of work you need.

You may find a friendly yatch club, where you can share and get
Reccommendations of what is available, where to go and see.
And share lot of sea histories, it us named the Hidden Port Yatch Club.

Fishing Marina Puerto Escondido

Did you know, this place in baja, has some of the deepest points
In the planet, and also is home of one of the largest squids
In the world, the kind that are more playfuk with whales,
You may check it on National Geographic or Discovery Chanel.

Marina Puerto Escondido Loreto Baja California Sur Map