Go to Shopping in Loreto Mexico Grocery Stores and Supermarkets to get all you need for your vacations or perhaps you are looking for a more extended stay  you need to take this in consideration. Due there are no big chain stores and the supply is not short but limited from the few places to fill your basket, best thing to do is get to know their owners they are very nice people and will help you with any special demand.

Shopping in Loreto Mexico Grocery Stores

This is such a small destination in the Sea of Cortez and getting supplies like fresh fruit and meat and Shopping in Loreto Mexico Grocery Stores could be a little bit hard especially when they are getting low on products a a big supply depends on what supply comes from the main port of La Paz, they deliver all the goods from the mainland or bigger areas where they supply.

  • Delicatessen

    Calle Benito Juarez, Centro 01 613 135 0733
  • Mercado Juarez

    01 613 135 1184
  • Waldos

    Calle Independencia S/N, Centro  01 55 5246 0700
  • Big Mart Bulevard

    Ugarte, Nuevo Exploradores
  • El Pescador Supermercado

  • Mi Bodega Aurrera Loreto 1955

  • La Cholla Minimarket And Deli

  • Super Ley Express Loreto


Grocery Stores in Loreto Mexico Downtown  and Nopolo

Most of markets and Grocery Stores in Loreto Mexico are Downtown located close or in populated areas, where most of accommodations are located, so it will be a small walk from your lodge, and well depending the area, here we list some stores located in Loreto Downtown and Nopolo.

Anytime to make your supply is advisable, to get some beer and crackers, but you may keep and eye on storm season.

Nature is unpredictable, nothing to panic about but have in mind in case a major storm hits, not just this beautiful destination in Baja.

But the places where they supply and the ways to transport it. Look close, it’s always good to know where to get some milk and eggs, while you are just passing, a few days, or moving to beautiful place, or why not, to retire to this wonderful and quiet paradise In the Sea of Cortez Baja California Sur Mexico.